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1MediaConcepts’ Live Streaming Services (Corporate Livestream)

1MediaConcepts is the leading Live Streaming service provider for Corporate Virtual Townhall, AGM, Teambuilding in Singapore. If you are lokking for a professional team that is well versed with live streaming, live-feed while availing your remote audience to a high quality virtual experience of your ceremony would certainly bridge them closer. What more, we will have a recording of the live stream ready for you in HD for your keep sake.

Allow us to introduce to you 1MediaConcepts’ Live Streaming services

Why opt for Live Streaming?

Are you in a spot on whether to continue with your wedding plan? Live Streaming Service not only allows your guest to grace your ceremony ‘virtually’, it also helps to address other issues that may arise due to limitations from the venue, government ruling such as those imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic

Even pre-covid, we have had clients enquiring for such services as its ‘borderless’, and it provide a platform for the guests to attend the event ‘live’ even if they are located in another continent.  Sometimes certain venues has limitation on the viewing angle for on-site guests due to physical obstructions like pillars. With our services, our live stream feed can be fed to the venue’s A/V system too.

What is our strength ?

  • We understand what live streaming is all about
  • We stream at Full HD
  • We conduct rehearsals / dry runs to ensure that all is good to go
  • We understand how the system work.
  • We have experience doing live stream / live-feed for various venues

Quality of Feed

The quality of the feed is determined by several ‘elements’, namely the equipment used to capture the visuals, the audio feed, and the streaming engine? Sounds technical? We will try to break it down in simple terms for you

Visual Equipment are basically your cameras (professional broadcast level video cameras, PTZ, DSLR, mobile phones, action cameras). By order of quality, professional broadcast videocams are by far the industry standard for live broadcast. Mainly used by TV stations, they offer robust, uninterrupted stream and recording. Next in line will be the PTZ cameras, however, what they offer in a smaller form factor, they suffer in terms of the cinematic feel. A DSLR is good as long as they offer clean HDMI or SDI output, which its rather unlikely as most are often built to target general consumers. A DSLR also suffers from the industry standard for motion capture that is set at 30 mins (which means if your ceremony is longer, which it usually is), the camera will have to restart its recording after 30 mins.

Mobilephones are, handy and everyone has it. But the quality of the stream is poor and the audio is left with much to be desired.

Why Us?

We use only professional broadcast equipment

Professional Crew

Support all major Live Streaming platform

Dedicated Live Streaming to China

Privacy (circumvent the limitation on music copyright algorithm)

External WIFI / Internet router

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