Video Coverage – Swan Lake Ballet Performance

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In this blog, I will attempt to identify the potential Do’s and Don’ts when filming a Russian Ballet Performance.

Sequence and Timeline

  1. Understanding the performance and the beat will help you in identifying and syncing the correct frame to the music during editing
  2. Identify the key character

Have the right equipment.

  1. As the position where you will be shooting is usually at the back of the house, you will need at least a 200mm focal length for a decent close up
  2. You need to capture the footage in different focal length (ie. Wide shot, Medium shot, Close Up shot)
  3. One camera needs to track the main character during solo performances
  4. In total, you will need to have 4 cameras. (One for Wide, 2 for Medium (left and right), One for close up (full body)

Camera Placement.

  1. Should be the same for multi day shoot. Best is to use a duct tape to mark the spot.

Camera Settings

  1. Should be the same
  2. White Balance on Auto
  3. Shutter angle at least 1/30
  4. Frame rate set at 30 FPS
  5. Frame size set to highest resolution for editing
  6. Use Manual Focus
  7. If possible, use Auto Exposure

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